Full Body Massage



Massage is one of the most well-known and understood complementary therapies available today.

It has a strong effect on the body and some of the benefits include:
Helps improve sleep
Relieves stress
Eases stiff and aching joints
Improves waste elimination in the body
Improves blood and lymph circulation
Helps you to relax
Encourages deeper breathing
Can improve muscle tone
Relaxes and relieves sore and tired muscles
Strengthens the immune system

As well as the physical effects on the body, massage can be very helpful psychologically. i.e.
Overall relaxation, which helps to reduce stress, tension, anxiety
Eases mental distress that is caused by being in pain
Can help to improve confidence and self-esteem
Releases endorphins, which are the body’s “feel good” chemicals
Creates a sense of well-being.




A: They are both physical and mental, it helps to relax and clear the mind as well as enhancing your physical well being as described above.

A: As often as you would like, the frequency will depend on your fitness and well being at the time.

A: Massage increases the circulation of blood and Lymph in your system, which increases the cleansing process of your system, water helps to support the cleansing process.

A: On the whole yes, there are very few contra indications, these will be discussed fully with the therapist before your treatment