LCN Nails


An advanced sculptured nail system. The technology allows blending of the synthetic nail with your own natural nail – the new nail becomes your own.
The products were originally developed for dental use – so are extremely safe. We can extend your natural nail, promote the growth of strong, healthy nails, can be used as a protective coating on your own nail, or just extend the life of your traditional gel polish. We also have a programme for nail biters.
RESULT – The nails look and feel completely natural. You will love them. They last 3-4 weeks
We have an amazing colour choice.

Up to now the hands have been neglected. Few women spend time and attention on their hands. However, they are often the part of the body that gives our age away. A new era of nail consciousness is growing.
Some more info:-

  • Innovative nails, originating directly from dental technology
  • Research and development in co-operation with leading scientists in accordance with the lates scientific findings
  • Internationally successful products for more than 20 years
  • Light units meet the highest EC standards
  • We don’t use aggressive primers or activators
  • Contains no acid
  • No fumes or odours
  • No discolouration of the gel
  • Non-porous