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We say, “ We are delighted to be one of the few clinics offering this powerful technology. It was voted as one of the top treatments in Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2015.

It’s safe, non-invasive, minimal downtime and gives outstanding results. FDA approved.
We use a patented tip for each treatment. This creates micro dermal perforation. The radio frequency works deep into the dermis to correct skin concerns. This makes the skin renew from the inside out, produce lots of collagen and lay down new elastin fibres. Your skin will be healthier, lines, wrinkles and pore size reduced. The results after your course of treatments will continue to improve.
Please call to arrange your free initial consultation. We also offer an aftercare plan to maximize the benefits of your treatments.”

Facing the Facts:
Over time , the signs of ageing creep up with the range of symptons that affect the skin, including wrinkles, lines, texture, blood vessels and redness. Our pores look more open and the wrinkles around our eyes each tell a story about where we have been. You want a treatment that gives your skin a fresher, more natural youthful look but don’t want to undergo surgical procedures that leave you out of commission for months.

The Right Solution
VENUS VIVA is the treatment for you. It’s safe, non-invasive and effective with immediate and long term results for facial rejuvenation concerns about skin laxity, texture, lines and wrinkles.

Minimal downtime and discomfort. Your treatment will take approx 30 minutes. You will experience redness; your skin will feel dry initially. You cannot wear make up for 12 hours.

For such an advanced treatment and result – the downtime is minimal!

YES! It has been used in medicine for many years and is proven, safe and effective technology. The treatments are FDA approved.

The number will vary from patient to patient but, approximately 4 treatments. Will will advise you at your initial consultation.

Venus Viva is safe for all skin types and operates with the revolutionary NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and Smartscan technology that delivers superior results through selectional dermal heating process. There is mimimal discomfort for the patient. The use of NanoFractional RF delivers energy through the epidermis, to the dermis, to generate heat and initiate skin change, rebuilding collagen and fibroblasts stimulation, all resulting in tissue remodeling.